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63 The Hon DJ - Part Two – He, himself and I

63 The Hon DJ - Part Two – He, himself and I

Currently, consciousness is thought to be a result of metacognition, ie planning, reasoning and social intelligence. These activities are mainly controlled by the brain’s prefrontal cortex.


If this is indeed the case, we could surmise with a degree of certainty that The Honourable DJ was in no way a conscious being. Having never planned, been reasonable or motivated by any form of social intelligence that did not stem from self-focussed hedonism, the DJ could more simply and effectively be categorised as a global play boy – living hard, playing hard with a bird in every club, leaving planning, reasoning and the need for intelligence to others.

Today on the occasion of his 21st birthday, with both his father and uncle dead, basic laws of lineage kicked in - The Honourable DJ was now the Duke. Long live the Duke. However, for arguable the first time, his prefrontal cortex was about to be activated - full bloody frontal - as his mother The Dowager, revealed three points of astounding consequence.

Requesting he join her in the library, overlooking the terraces, for a private birthday toast, his mother suggested it was time she shared with him a birthday present, of sorts. The Dowager was known to spin in cryptic circles.

On entering the library, the DJ became aware of the presence of a stranger. A new friend of his mother’s? It was of little consequence to the DJ, he was familiar with lives and rooms that dictated the conduct of oneself amongst strangers. A furtive glance at the stranger's dinner jacket, allowed the DJ to discern that the fellow was not staff. The pop of a bottle, the contained excitement of pouring French foam into heavy cut crystal indicated he was most likely a guest, or a love interest. The love interest handed the DJ a glass.

Anyone else intent on reading the equation of clues, would have added in the Dowager’s smile, reflecting it to pointedly contain a sense of relief. While we will come to understand his mother was about to share long held secrets, deliberately kept from her son, thus the Dowager was experiencing a return to balance and was clearly very pleased for such covert suppression to be off her hands. However, to all this the DJ remained oblivious.

Here’s what The Dowager had to say:

1.     Both his father and uncle had died in their line of duty as International Spies;

2.     Being a Spy was simply par for course of this 1000 year old peerage;

3.     Meaning the Honourable DJ as Duke, would as of this evening, be expected to leave his days of clubbing behind and take up the cause.

The DJ must now become a Spy.

The stranger, who as it turns out, happened to be the Director General of MI5, added:

The peace of planet earth depends on you. We are all relying on you.

The Honourable DJ, laughed, emptied his glass in one swift action before taking from his pocket an ecstasy tablet. He then took his mother’s glass, downed tablet with more bubbles, before turning on his heal and muttering over his shoulder:

You are both quite mad.

Then as an afterthought:
I believe it's a rather Happy Birthday to me.

And The Honourable DJ left the room, through ancient French doors, crowned in wisteria, before joining the hum of his friends below on the lawn.


Stay tuned for what happens later this very same night.


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