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9 A skinny story

9 A skinny story

I wish I knew nothing of the skinny story.

I wish I knew not the pressure of a breaking heart.

I wish I’d never heard of it, couldn’t talk about it.

I wish it wasn’t part of my life.

I wish I was happy with me.

I wish I liked my nose.

But I don't. I can’t. I won’t. And it’s impossible to make me.

This is my skinny story.

I was born this way. And even when I was fat, I wasn't. And who is to say what is fat and what is skinny and why does it matters. I’m sitting here and I can feel my thighs. And my stomach. And I hate they way they feel. I hate the way the sun catches the dimples on my arms. Does anyone else notice? Does anyone else hate it as much as me?

How could they not?

I can’t imagine ever waking up and saying - yay - to be me.

I can’t imagine waking up with a list of yes you cans; rather than a list of all the things you shouldn’t.

I wish I could make this empty stop.
I wish my head wasn't polluted with this stuff going round and round and round.

What would it be like to wake up and feel free.

Is that even a thing?



10 Tyler stop twerking!

10 Tyler stop twerking!

8 The Sailor Was A Girl

8 The Sailor Was A Girl