About Sal


Sal Balharrie

Writer & Creative
Producer of Content
for Screen.



Based in Melbourne, Australia, I write, create and develop projects under the banner of Naked Emperor. I also collaborate with others - production companies of all shapes and sizes based in a multitude of locations; smaller guys starting out; individuals. But all share a common vibe - I work with people who are keen of spirit and enthusiastic energy.

Irrespective of the scale of any project, I believe in one thing - all relies, all hangs, upon a central point of importance - story is queen. A truly great story is all that matters. Complex, rich, compelling and engaging, deep moments filled with awe and wonder.

In 2017, I was delighted to be named as part of the Screen Producers Assoc of Australia, Ones to Watch program - an opportunity to be mentored by industry greats, while developing pitches for major Australian broadcasters. Incredible and very exciting.

On the next couple of pages, you'll come across a range of current projects being developed under the banner of Naked Emperor.  And while you're at it, check out my personal project - 100 Stories. Here, as the title suggests, over the next year, I'll be posting 100 flashie pieces of fiction - and on occassion, fact - sharing the love and power of universal stories.

Read. Enjoy. And get in touch.