59 My Brilliant Whatever

...that night altered her DNA; shifted her perspective on the telling of a story. It’s where her profound love of books and film came from and it was on that day, when she was 16, swimming laps in a scungy pool where she made a pact with herself to become a great writer...

58 Crowd Sourcing

Ya you remember. Auntie Lady Connie was standing in the way and you said Auntie Lady Connie hustle. Hustle. Get out of the way or I will roll over you on my stallion.

50 The Boys go Nuts

The way he says special makes the hairs on my arms prickle. All my life I will hate the power of this word in which, inherently, nothing will ever be special, ever again.

41 Above the favela

People tend to question the motivations behind his invitations and understandably so, to be invited aloft the inner sanctum of a dictator is, for the uninitiated, living hell.