72 / True Grit

Outside the Jeep, we can now see men scrambling with shovels, picking here and there, beginning to nudge with force the river of rock from the road. Their stones flying off and bouncing below.

71 / The art hook

What if we’ve reached Peak Creativity?
What if this is a good as we get?
What if in the future you could wear a glove that enabled you to draw or think like any of the great Masters that have gone before us?

70 Women tell better universal stories

And now for my contention – I believe that female writers create for their characters stronger, more satisfying, more accessible, deeper, inner journeys. Female writers are better at it. Much, much better. It’s our inherent strength.

68 I'm back

What I discovered is when you’re pushed, you fall, and I did, flat on my face. In my confidence that there would be better, I purchased a one-way ticket. Burn your bridges I had said aloud. 

61 Time To Go Home

This morning I awoke in a tangle of sheets, from lonely dreams, in a strange city where, outside my window a spire rises high from cobbled stone and cold air stings my face.

60 Nineteen

...flicking back to adventures behind him and yet he felt excited for many more ahead. And such is the way nineteen year old boys have always, should always be.